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2º.- IMPORTANT: Fill in the form WITH YOUR PERSONAL DATA (Do not enter the beneficiary’s data).
3º.- In the activity’s list, choose  GIFT VOUCHER Do not choose the adventure here.
4º.- On Data’s field, choose THE DAY YOU’RE TODAY (purchase date), so from now he will enjoy 1 year to choose the adventure’s date.
6º.- On “COMMENTS” field, you will be able to write: BENEFICIARY’S NAME, SURNAME, the adventure you want to give and whatever you want to inform us about.

AMOUNT TO PAY: 100% TOTAL PRICE you wish to give away.

Have you ever thought about how much space do all these material presents need in your cabinet and the short time they keep in our mind?

Do you remember all the presents that your family or friends have done to you?

It comes the special day that  you have to find a present and it is easy at the begining, but year after year we realize it becomes harder to find something original and something “different” that he or she doesn’t already has, so… what do I buy for him/her?

We offer you the solution, giving away ADVENTURES/EXPERIENCES

Because they will keep in their minds, in their heart and because every time will be different, it always will be A UNIQUE EXPERIENCE.

We make it simple… choose the date (within 1 year), choose the adventure (you can change it) and share it if you want.

You have options from 25€, do not miss it!!.

If you are not sure yet, contact us through whatsap or by phone and we will be pleased to inform you.

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