In compliance with articles 22 and 23 of Law 17/2009 of November 23 on the Free access to the Services Activities and their exercise, we inform you that you can proceed to your BOOKING’S CANCELLATION, but in that case, the following charges and penalties would apply:


– If you make your cancellation more than 15 days in advance: 10% penalty of the total amount cancelled.

– If you make your cancellation with less than 15 days and more than 10: 15% penalty of the total amount cancelled.

– If you cancel with less than 10 days and more than 4: 30% penalty of the total amount cancelled.

– If you make your cancellation between 48 and 72 hours before the start: 35% penalty of the total amount cancelled.

– If you make your cancellation more than 15 hours before the start 45% penalty of the total amount cancelled.

– If you make the cancellation within 14h until the beginning of the activity, or it does not appear, or it is presented late at the meeting point, it will mean the loss of 100% of the total booked, being necessary to carry out the activity the other participants the full payment due/shown in the booking confirmation, not corresponding any refund for the places of those not presented.

CANCELLATION BY CORONAVIRUS: Given to the high number of cancellation’s requests and the serious economic damage that this situation involves. SOMOS AVENTURA SL, in order to relieve the important economic damage that would mean attending all of them on a standard cancellation policy, that were not foreseen, we will offer the following options to our clients:

OPTION 1) Turn the reserve into a Gift Voucher with an open date during one year, in order that the customer can establish a new date of use for the booking, so neither party will lose on this option and it will help with the global economy sustainability.

OPTION 2) Exercising, if it is your wish, your right to a complete cancellation, applying a penalty of 25% of the total amount cancelled and reimbursing the difference in the same way it was paid.

GROUP DISSOLUTION: If, as a result of the cancellation of the place/s, the number of participants gets under the minimum group required to carry out the activity, confirmed for themselves or to other participants, it will be paid the total cost of the cancelled place/s in order to avoid dissolution.

GROUP ANNOUNCED AS COMPLETE: If the cancellation is notified within 24 hours prior to the activity in a group announced as complete, it will be penalized with 100% of the cost of the places cancelled.


What is agreed in the contract / budget or, if they’re not, the General Cancellation Policy for Groups will prevail. In partial cancellations, will be charged and invoiced for all the places fixed and committed on final confirmation. In complete or total cancellations cases, it will be applied the General Cancellation Rule for Groups for this singular type of reservations, and due to the significant damage caused by complete cancellation (both for us and for third-party services), these cancellations penalized with the complete loss of any amount paid in advance as a reservation. Understanding that all cancellations are justified, but SOMOS AVENTURA cannot financially assume the damage caused, we will try to study each case, in a particular way, and offer additional options to the cancellation or a reduction, if this were possible

In case of mayor cause, that we are not able to offer an activity, we will offer option to another activities or total refund payed less bank fees. In this case, anything can be claimed to SOMOS AVENTURA, SL., with VAT number ESB40641755, hence force SOMOS AVENTURA, beyond the refund of what was paid in advance. Activities as white-water Rafting, Hydro speed, and Aquatic Chillapajaro’s canyoning depend on the release of the Arenós dam, SOMOS AVENTURA, keeps communicated with Hydrographic Jucar’s Confederation (CHJ) about foreseen releases and flows, although is CHJ which controls them, being able to change them without previous notice.

In case we cannot offer these activities due to a lack of water, it will be considered as major force cause and SOMOS AVENTURA won’t be responsible for any damage caused. Will be considered as justified causes: * Those which SOMOS AVENTURA, is not able to offer the service, in spite of acting with the foresight and due diligence, SOMOS AVENTURA cannot provide the services contracted for reasons that are not attributable to him.

* If these causes or mayor force happen once the event started, the client will have the right to change the activity (if it is possible and both parts agree), and SOMOS AVENTURA will take to the client to the meeting point and return the amounts that proportionally may worth.

In the case of impossibility of carrying out what was agreed by BOTH PARTIES, a new date will be proposed or a limited gift voucher for the amount paid will be offered (less the costs generated), to enjoy the adventure on a new date. NOTE: The weather is not a justified cancellation, only the coordinator can decide if, due to the weather, it may pose a risk and cancel it. Rain by itself does not pose a risk, it is part of nature and getting wet does not prevent the activity. If the client refuses to do so, it will be understood as a unilateral cancellation, losing any option to relocate or refund any of the amount paid.

* When a needed number of confirmed bookings have not been reached in the activity, provided that said minimum number has been specified in the conditions of the program, and that the cancellation is announced to the participants at least 24h prior to the date of the event.

IMPORTANT: Due to the fact that the activities must be done in their time and manner, in case of not attending the confirmed number of participants agreed on booking confirmation, the outstanding amount will be paid as a mandatory condition in order to carry out the activity for the rest of participants. The coordinator must follow the instructions set out in his working plan and requires time and concentration to calculate the penalties (this work does not belong to him) nor wasting time with it at the beginning of an activity.

As booking has to be done fully online, the client accepts the responsibility and obligation to have the necessary technological devices (smartphone, tablet or pc) with internet access and also instant messaging applications (whatsapp and / or telegram) as well as navigation app as google maps, in order to complete both, the booking as well as to be able to get and find the locations given for each different meeting points that are provided in the  booking confirmation with google maps’ link. It will be up to the client, to get to the meeting point given, not being SOMOS AVENTURA’s responsible in any way for any failure that may occur on their devices or connection to reach the meeting point given.