Have you ever thought about how much space do all these material presents need in your cabinet and the short time they keep in our mind?

Do you remember all the presents that your family or friends have done to you?

It comes the special day that  you have to find a present and it is easy at the begining, but year after year we realize it becomes harder to find something original and something “different” that he or she doesn’t already has, so… what do I buy for him/her?

We offer you the solution, giving away ADVENTURES/EXPERIENCES

Because they will keep in their minds, in their heart and because every time will be different, it always will be A UNIQUE EXPERIENCE.

We make it simple… choose the date (within 1 year), choose the adventure (you can change it) and share it if you want.

You have options from 30€, do not miss it!!.

If you are not sure yet, contact us through whatsap or by phone and we will be pleased to inform you.

1. Use it within value period. ? Expired vouchers cannot be used.

2. Join to an already confirmed activity ✅ with minimum participants required.

3. You can open a new group ?, but if minimum number of participants are not reached, a new date, within period value, will have to be chosen.

4. Use the gift voucher at once. The gift voucher is not refundable. If booking value is less than the gift voucher value the difference will be lost ?.

5. Gift voucher are not nominative, so it can be transferred and shared to/with other people.

6. All our confirmed adventures can be checked in our spot time calendar to know which groups are confirmed ?️

buy gift voucher

1.- Click on green button BUY GIFT VOUCHER

2.- Fill the form with YOUR OWN DATA (no the beneficiary’s data).

3.- AMOUNT TO PAY: This is the value for your Gift Voucher.

4.- Type YOUR PERSONALIZED PHRASE in comments field.

You will receive your gift voucher within 24h-48h your gift will be in your email just on time!

(Contact first to us, we’ll inform you about availability for your adventure).

  1. Fill in the form with your personal data: ?
  2. Choose your adventure, number of participants, date and turn.
  4. ? Booking amount: 0€ (choose bank transfer payment, and don’t care about payment warnings).
    NOTE: don’t take care about payment request, you’ll receive by e-mail, we will apply your gift voucher value as way of payment.


Check all scheduled adventures you may join to in our spot time calendar. If you don’t see any interesting date, you can start one. Ask through whatasap and we’ll inform you how.

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